Sport-and Relaxation Massage/Wellness

Do you suffer from excessive Stress? Partial or Full Body Massage are effective methods for Stress Management, for example after high professional/ mental demands or strenuous sporting activities.

The massage I give is very much based on the Swedish Massage technique which is well known for its therapeutic benefits.

Massage is an ancient method which enables the body to heal itself when injuries or disorders occur.

In a healthy person massage helps to maintain the efficiency of the general metabolism and creates that much needed balance to cope with the stresses and strains of modern life.

In the modern workplace excessive stress, multitasking combined with the high demands of working with modern technology is affecting the individual more and more.

Chronic exhaustion, overstimulation without sufficient relaxation and regeneration can cause signs of Burnout.

Researchers now know that massage works psychophysiologically.

Massage has a regulating effect on the circulation and helps the body to relax and regenerate.

Improving circulation has its benefits: aiding the body to remove metabolic waste products caused by wear and tear, which , if not efficiently eliminated can cause numerous problems. Massage improves the oxygen supply which means increased metabolic capacity and healthier cell function.

The massage treatments offered by me are preventive and are not a replacement for medical treatment by a doctor.